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How to Sleep Better and Faster

How to Sleep Better and Faster

For a healthy life, you need a proper sleep. You should sleep at least 8 hours per night to have a fresh active day. Some people fall asleep immediately when going to bed. But some may get a longer time to sleep. There will be many reasons for quick sleep. Now let us see some tips to sleep faster.

Bedding and the environment

What is the material that you use for your bedding? Is it comfortable? Of course, it should be. If your bedding scratchy and pokey, definitely you will not have a proper sleep as well as you will have to spend a sleepless night. The material that you use for your bedding should be more comfortable and smooth. If you having a doubt of choosing bed sheets, I recommend Egyptian cotton sheets. Since they are very smooth as well as has high durability. As they are hypoallergenic, anyone can use without recommendations.

Also, Egyptian cotton sheets have a range of colors and sizes. So, you can match with the wall colors or you can purchase a sheet set which suits to a peaceful environment. Light colors set up a peaceful environment while dark colors disturb your sleep.

Sheets, as well as pillowcases, should adjust according to a comfortable way. Your body and the neck should position in a straight line. Otherwise, you may get a neck pain or a back pain. Also, try to wash or change your bedding at least once a week. Because dust and dirty bedding will be unhygienic to you.

Off the lights

Sometimes bright lights may disturb your sleep. Most of the times dark environment helps you to fall asleep faster and better.

Avoid caffeine drinks

Drinks that contains caffeine are another reason to disturb your sleep. So, avoid drinks like coffee, chocolates. But instead of that, you can have a warm drink like milk, peppermint tea.

Comfortable clothes

When you go to the bed, remove tight clothes like socks and wear comfortable clothes. Sometimes the tight clothes are the main reason to disturb the sleep.

Maintain a sleep cycle

Going to bed early will help you to get up early. Maintain at least 8 hours sleep cycle. As an example, if you go to bed at 10 p.m., get up at 6 a.m. If you repeat the exact time regularly, you don’t have to do extraordinary things to sleep better and faster.

How to Dry Cotton Bed Sheets

What is your bedding material? Cotton or any other material? Probably most of you may use cotton sheets. Few people may use other materials. Though you use any material you should care well for longer use. But in this article, we are going to talk about how to dry cotton bed sheets. Before discuss how to dry cotton sheets, let us see what is cotton and what are the best cotton sheets.

Cotton is extracted from the plant genus Gossypium and the oldest cotton fibers were found in Mexico around 5000 B.C. Cotton is grown in many countries. Mainly they are grown in USA, Egypt, Indian peninsula, Brazil, Greece, and Australia. Though there are many species, upland cotton (Gossypium hirsutum) is popular than other cotton species. Cotton planting is started when the temperature is above 16 Co.

Cotton is a soft, staple fiber and It is covered with a shell-like part. Because of the breathability and the softness, most of the textiles have woven from cotton. Because of the hypoallergenic condition of the cotton, you can use them without a doubt.

When considering about bed sheets, Egyptian cotton is the best for your choice. Because of the high durability and the breathability, most of the people tend to buy the product.

Caring and drying bed sheets

Because of the softness and the breathability caring of cotton sheets is very important. When drying cotton sheets, sunlight is the best natural source. Since sunlight is a natural disinfector. But always it is not a successful method. As it depends on the place that you are living. If it is a rural area without air pollution and dust, sunlight is the best source to dry the sheets. But if it is a town area, it really matters. A town is an area which has more air pollution as well as dust. So, that if you dry using sunlight dust may collect in sheets. So, in that kind of condition, tumble dry is the best way to dry your sheets. Tumble drying is easy therefore you do not have to put extra effort to dry sheets.

Another important point is you should always dry the sheets properly. If not, an odor will come out from the sheets due to inappropriate drying. To avoid that, dry the sheets in the sunlight.

Note: Always, you should follow the instructions that are displayed in the label.

Learn Differences Between Egyptian Cotton and Sateen

Selecting a good bed sheet for your bed is not easy as you think. Mainly you should consider the comfort, durability as well as the quality. As well as when you selecting a bed sheet material is the most important factor you should consider with the above-mentioned facts. When considering material, Egyptian cotton is the best than other materials.

Like Egyptian cotton sateen is another material which has luxurious look. Now let us see what are the differences between Egyptian cotton and Sateen.

Egyptian Cotton

Though this is called as Egyptian cotton, original country of the plant “Gossypium Barbadense” is not Egypt. Gossypium Barbadense is a plant which native to America. But this plant suits the weather conditions of Egypt and this was introduced by the Egypt ruler Mohammed Ali Pasha in the 19th century. Egyptian cotton is longer than other cotton materials. Because of the long and the stability of the fiber Egyptian cotton is soft as well as has high durability. As well as products with original Egyptian cotton are more expensive than other cotton products.
When considering benefits, sheets which are designed from Egyptian cotton do not pill or more lint. So, that they have high durability and comfort. As well as Egyptian cotton is non-allergenic material when compare to others.


Sateen is another luxury as well as shining material that available in the market. Sateen sheets are woven from long cotton fibers which are mercerized. That means this sateen material are subjected to a special process. So, this is the reason for glittering, durable as well as vigor. The specific difference of sateen is the shine. But other qualities of sateen are same like cotton.
Other special features of these sheets are dust resistance as well as mildew resistance. That is because of the mercerized process of these sheets. Also, these sateen sheets are breathable and non-allergenic like Egyptian cotton. But a disadvantage of this is they tend to pill and wrinkle.

Common features of Sateen and Egyptian Cotton

• Long fibers
• Soft as well as high durability
• Affordable to any weather condition (whether it is cold or warm)
• Non-allergenic
• Higher thread count


Egyptian Cotton

• do not pill or wrinkle
• Natural (not mercerized)
• No shine
• Expensive


• Pill or wrinkling
• Mercerized
• Lustrous
• dust resistance and mildew resistance

Note: when purchasing these sheets do not cheat to frauds. And always consider about the brand and the manufacturer.

How to Wash Cotton Bed Sheets

If you are using cotton bed sheets for your bedding, of course, that is a good choice. Because of the utmost comfort as well as the durability, cotton sheets are the best materials for your bed. But most of you probably do mistakes when cleaning them. The result of that is the durability is less. So, to maintain the durability and the quality at best, you must follow a proper way to wash your bed sheet. Now let us see how to wash cotton sheets for longer use.

Read the instruction given in the label

Before washing your bed sheets, carefully read the instruction in the label. Most of the cotton sheets display the cleaning instructions and other important information of the material. So, following these instructions will help to enhance the comfort as well as durability of the sheets.

Wash sheets at least once a week

As the clothes, you should clean your sheets to avoid dust and mites. Because all of us spend the time in the bed at least 8 hours per day. So, if it is possible, wash them twice a week.

Separate dark color sheets

If you have bed sheets in both light and dark colors, do not mix them when washing. Because some dark colors may dissolve and bleed on to lighter color sheets. So, when colors mix up together, you cannot use the sheets anymore. So, always remember to separate and wash them.


if possible always dry under natural sunlight. Because sunlight is a natural disinfectant. But if it is impossible tumble dry on low setting.

Iron after every wash

Most of you might iron your bed sheets to avoid wrinkles. But ironing helps you to avoid dust as well as mites on the sheets.

Use a mild detergent

When washing cotton sheets, it is important to use a mild detergent. Otherwise, the sheets may tear off or damage due to strong bleaching or detergents. If it is possible, use a liquid detergent to enhance the softness.

Remove stains

If there any stains in bed sheets, remove them before washing. But do not use strong bleaching agents anytime.

Select correct washing setting

If you are washing the bed sheet using a washing machine, use correct machine settings. In most of the bed sheet labels, instructions have displayed.

If you follow above instruction to clean your bed sheets, you can have fresh look sheets for a long-term use.

What is Egyptian Cotton Bed Sheets?

I know you already know what is cotton. But, have you ever heard of Egyptian cotton bed sheets? If the answer is “yes”, there is no wonder. Because nowadays Egyptian cotton bed sheets are the most popular and quality bed sheets in the market. Though there are several types of cotton sheets in the market, Egyptian cotton sheets are the best.

Egyptian cotton sheets are considered high-quality cotton sheets because of the durability and the smooth feel of the sheets. The speciality of these Egyptian cotton sheets is they made of 100% Egyptian cotton which grown in the Egyptian cotton yards. As well as this fabric is very breathable. The other thing of these Egyptian cotton sheets is you will feel softer after every wash.

Egyptian cotton is originally extracted from the plant “Gossypium Barbadense”. Though these kinds of cotton known as Egyptian cotton, the native country of this plant is America. But in the 19th century, this plant was introduced to Egypt by the ruler of Egypt Mohammed Ali Pasha.

Normally these Egyptian cotton longer and thinner than other cotton fibers. So, this result for a higher thread count. What is this thread count? Thread count is a factor that enhances the quality of the material. Simply the thread count means the number of threads that available per square inch of a material. Basically, it is said that if the thread count is higher, the comfort and the softness is high. But it depends on the cotton material that you choose. If the thread count, as well as the quality is high, that material is much smoother than other general materials. But thread count is not only the fact which enhances the smoothness of the bed sheets.

But the Egyptian sheets are known as the best sheets because of the longer use and smoothness. As well as thread count and the luxury of these sheets are higher than other cotton sheets. The thread count of most of the Egyptian sheets are more than 250. This range is between 250 to 1500. As the thread count, the price is also high in these cotton sheets than other cotton sheets. If you wish to buy 1500 thread count sheet set with pillowcases, you will have to pay more than $100. But if you buy these sheets set you really feel it worth for that amount of money. But when buying be careful to select original Egyptian sheets with original quality.

The Best Egyptian Cotton Bed Sheets to Help You Sleep Easy

“Good sleep makes a good day”

If you have an enough sleep in the previous day, you will feel fresh on the other day. Of course, high-quality bed sheets decide a good sleep. Because if the sheets are scratchy and uncomfortable, you will have a sleepless night. So now, you can understand how important to buy the best quality bed sheet for your sleep.

What is your choice? Does your bed sheet make you sleep well? If it doesn’t, of course, your choice is wrong. Now let us see what sheets make a good sleep.

Though there are several types of fabrics available in the market, cotton is the material that highly used by the many manufacturers. The reason for this is that the cotton is suitable for any type of climate, hot or cold. The cotton is able to trap either cold or heat. That is why the cotton gives better sleep throughout the year, winter or summer. Not only that the cotton is usually hypoallergenic and breathable.

The Egyptian cotton bed sheets are the best quality cotton that is available in the market. This cotton will give you most luxurious comfort that a bed sheet can give you. The best quality material with 100% genuine cotton together with high thread count make the most luxurious cotton sleeping materials around the globe. This Egyptian cotton genuinely grows in Egypt under its natural conditions. Manufacturers produce them carefully under the standard processes. Due to this standard process, these sheets have a high durability as well as softness. So, those factors cause to have a good sleep throughout the night.

The next thing is the colour varieties of the Egyptian sheets. Most of the Egyptian cotton sheets have many colour varieties. So, you can easily choose a bed sheet with a colour that you love most as well as you can match them according to your wall colour of the bedroom. These properly matched colours will give you peaceful feeling at the time you get into your bed.

Of course, Egyptian cotton sheets have different standard sizes such as King size, Queen size, Twin size, full size etc. So, you can easily select the most suitable bed sheet which perfectly covers the whole surface area of your bed. Therefore, the bed sheet will not shrink during the sleep. So, your sleep will not be disturbed.

What Does Thread Count Mean in Bed Sheets?

When buying comfortable bed sheets, you must consider several factors. One of them is thread count. What does the real thread count mean? Does it really important when buying a bed sheet? Now, this is the time for answering those questions. Now let us talk about them in detail.

Simply we can say the number of threads in a square inch of a sheet. In detail, the real meaning of thread count is the number of horizontal and vertical thread per square inch. Actually, thread count varies according to the material that use to weave the bed sheet.

Normally the thread count of a bed sheet has a range of 60 to 1500 (values may be varied according to the new arrivals.). If the thread count is higher, bed sheets are softer and comfortable. But that does not confirm the low thread count means poor quality, but it is somewhat low quality than higher thread count sheets.

Another fact of the higher thread count of a bed sheet is, they are very expensive rather than low thread count bed sheets. Actually, some prices of the bed sheets cannot imagine for a single person. But they really worth for that type of price.

Although thread count enhances the softness, it is not a measurement factor for the durability. Most of the fabric manufacturers point out the thread count is a most important factor when purchasing a bed sheet. But generally, it is one of the basic facts which conserves the softness of bed sheets.

As above mentioned thread count is not only the fact that decides the durability and the softness of a material. As an example, if the material is high quality and the thread count is low, probably that will be a high-quality bed sheet rather than which has a higher thread count. As well as if the thread count is high and the material is low, that also does not refer to high-quality sheets.

Always keep remember, the thread count is not only the fact which reveals the quality. Other facts like size, color, price and the durability should be considered especially. If you are creative minded with an average budget, you should consider overall factors when buying bed sheets. Here I would like to mention, Egyptian cotton sheets are the best sheets which have woven from the best material. If you go through the internet, you can easily purchase best quality products with the best materials.

10 Tips for Choosing the Egyptian Sheets

1. Thread Count

This is a value given by bed sheet manufacturers. Higher the thread counts softer and more comfortable the fabric they say. But even if the thread count is 1000 the softness depends on the material used. Egyptian sheets are the 100% cotton with higher thread count in the market.

2. Weave

This is not about the material. There are several weaves you can choose on Egyptian sheets. The percale weave and sateen weave are popular in the market which has distinguished characteristics.

3. Material

The Egyptian sheets are 100% cotton. The cotton is the most popular material used by manufacturers as it has pure benefits. Cotton is suitable for cold as well as hot climates.
If you want lighter fabric, you can choose cotton-poplin as well.

4. Fit

Be careful about the fit. Otherwise, you will buy too small or too big sheet. The Egyptian sheets come in regular sizes such as single, twin, king, queen, California king etc. You have to match the size with the correct bed size.

5. Color And The Print

The customers can decide on the color and the print according to their desire as there is a variety of colors and a diversity of designs which are available in the market. The colors and the printed designs can be matched with the pillow case as well as the color of the walls of the bedrooms.

6. Coordination of The Bedroom

Coordination of your bedrooms or guest rooms is important if you are having an aesthetic eye. Matching the colors and the designs according to a theme is always eye-catching.

7. Seasonal Changes

If you are a person who has the will and the affordability to change the bed sheets with the seasonal changes you are welcome. The Egyptian sheets come in different types which are well suitable for certain seasons. The colors and the designs can also be matched according to the seasons as you wish.

8. True Egyptian Cotton

The Egyptian cotton is the most luxurious fabric in the market. The genuine Egyptian cotton is best in softness and the durability. But there are fake fabrics in the market saying that they are Egyptian cotton. Be careful of those.

9. Bedding Accessories

You can add so many accessories which are now available in the market. Some of them are comforters, decorative pillows, small statues etc.

10. Maintenance

Avoid eating on the sheets, washing with chemicals and hot water if you want a long use of the Egyptian sheets. Always wash the lukewarm water for washing.

5 Factors to Consider When Buying Cotton Bed Sheets

In order to find and purchase the best cotton bed sheets, a customer will need an aesthetic and a pragmatic eye. Sometimes the customers who are willing to buy a set of cotton bed sheets for his or her bedroom or guest room will need some tips that will help them. In this article, I am going to fulfill your need and hopefully find you a better sleep.

1. The Material of The Fabric

The material is the most defining characteristic of a fabric. Cotton is the most used material among bed sheet manufacturers. The cotton bed sheets are available in several varieties. The Egyptian cotton and Pima cotton come higher up the list. These cotton bed sheets are well-known for long durability and softness. The trademark name of the Pima cotton is Supima.

There are several benefits of using cotton. Cotton is suitable for winter as well as summer. Also, cotton is hypoallergenic and soft for the skin.

2. The Thread Count of Cotton Sheets

The thread count is defined as the number of threads found in the square inch of the fabric. Customers can get an easy idea about the cotton bed sheets using this thread count. The fabrics which have higher thread counts are softer and more durable. They usually pull less. The Egyptian cotton and Pima cotton have high thread counts. Usually, you can buy a cotton bed sheet of around 500 thread count. The range of 800-1000 lies best fabrics but the price is higher.

3. The Weave Used In Bed Sheets

The quality of the cotton bed sheets also depends on the weave of the fabric. The weave is a distinction of the material. It is not a type of material. There are several weaves that can be chosen according to your wish. For example, Flannel is a cotton weave wish a napped-finished. This Flannel is suitable to use in cold and wet climates.

The Percale is another cotton weave. During hot months, Percale is the choice of cotton bed sheets among the consumers.

4. Correct Size of The Bed Sheets

Whenever you purchase a cotton bed sheet, the size of the sheet should be considered thoroughly. The standard sizes are single, double, king or queen, twin etc. You have to select the best size that matches with your bed size.

5. The Durability And Maintenance

Consumers who have children will need long durable cotton bed sheets such as Egyptian cotton and Pima cotton. Your ability to maintain those should also be considered.

How to Choose the Best Egyptian Cotton Bed Sheets?

Can you remember a day that you had a dreamy and quiescent sleep ever in your life? Or can you go a little bit further and say what gives you that kind of nice sleep? I agree that there can be several reasons but the bed sheet must have played a major role in that. It is mainly because our body directly keep touching with the bed sheets when we sleep. If you are willing to have that kind of luxury again in your life, the Egyptian cotton bet sheets give you the answer.

In this article, I will help you in finding the best Egyptian cotton bed sheets. These sets of bed sheet are 100% Egyptian cotton. You have to check it carefully on the label. High-quality Egyptian cotton bed sheets may cost $500.

The material is important. The cotton is the most popular material because of its comfortability, durability, and reliability. The cotton is suitable for any climate, winter or summer. This Egyptian cotton bed sheet is the gold standard in the market as they make the cotton in specific stipulations.

The thread count is the other important factor. It defines as the number of threads in one square inch of fabric. Higher the thread counts softer the fabric. But this is not always reliable because the material of the tread is the deciding factor. Even in low thread count, Egyptian high-quality cotton is softer. Therefore, you have to choose a fabric with high thread count which is around 450-500 and good quality cotton such as Egyptian cotton bed sheets.

Have you ever experienced the difficulty of fitting the wrong size bed sheet to your bed? So, choosing the correct size is very important. The Egyptian cotton bed sheets are available in a variety of sizes such as twin, king or queen, single etc. If your bed is in standard size, look for the elastic edges of the bed sheets. This will give you a better fit.

Of course, you cannot forget about the pillow cases. As Egyptian cotton bed sheets come in a diversity of designs and colors you can match anything under the sun with these bed sheets. You can match it with the pillow case as well as the color of the wall of the bedroom.

The Egyptian cotton bed sheets are the best fabrics that are available in the market for several decades. So, we invite you to choose the best one and lead the best life.