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How to Dry Cotton Bed Sheets

What is your bedding material? Cotton or any other material? Probably most of you may use cotton sheets. Few people may use other materials. Though you use any material you should care well for longer use. But in this article, we are going to talk about how to dry cotton bed sheets. Before discuss how to dry cotton sheets, let us see what is cotton and what are the best cotton sheets.

Cotton is extracted from the plant genus Gossypium and the oldest cotton fibers were found in Mexico around 5000 B.C. Cotton is grown in many countries. Mainly they are grown in USA, Egypt, Indian peninsula, Brazil, Greece, and Australia. Though there are many species, upland cotton (Gossypium hirsutum) is popular than other cotton species. Cotton planting is started when the temperature is above 16 Co.

Cotton is a soft, staple fiber and It is covered with a shell-like part. Because of the breathability and the softness, most of the textiles have woven from cotton. Because of the hypoallergenic condition of the cotton, you can use them without a doubt.

When considering about bed sheets, Egyptian cotton is the best for your choice. Because of the high durability and the breathability, most of the people tend to buy the product.

Caring and drying bed sheets

Because of the softness and the breathability caring of cotton sheets is very important. When drying cotton sheets, sunlight is the best natural source. Since sunlight is a natural disinfector. But always it is not a successful method. As it depends on the place that you are living. If it is a rural area without air pollution and dust, sunlight is the best source to dry the sheets. But if it is a town area, it really matters. A town is an area which has more air pollution as well as dust. So, that if you dry using sunlight dust may collect in sheets. So, in that kind of condition, tumble dry is the best way to dry your sheets. Tumble drying is easy therefore you do not have to put extra effort to dry sheets.

Another important point is you should always dry the sheets properly. If not, an odor will come out from the sheets due to inappropriate drying. To avoid that, dry the sheets in the sunlight.

Note: Always, you should follow the instructions that are displayed in the label.

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