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What is Egyptian Cotton Bed Sheets?

I know you already know what is cotton. But, have you ever heard of Egyptian cotton bed sheets? If the answer is “yes”, there is no wonder. Because nowadays Egyptian cotton bed sheets are the most popular and quality bed sheets in the market. Though there are several types of cotton sheets in the market, Egyptian cotton sheets are the best.

Egyptian cotton sheets are considered high-quality cotton sheets because of the durability and the smooth feel of the sheets. The speciality of these Egyptian cotton sheets is they made of 100% Egyptian cotton which grown in the Egyptian cotton yards. As well as this fabric is very breathable. The other thing of these Egyptian cotton sheets is you will feel softer after every wash.

Egyptian cotton is originally extracted from the plant “Gossypium Barbadense”. Though these kinds of cotton known as Egyptian cotton, the native country of this plant is America. But in the 19th century, this plant was introduced to Egypt by the ruler of Egypt Mohammed Ali Pasha.

Normally these Egyptian cotton longer and thinner than other cotton fibers. So, this result for a higher thread count. What is this thread count? Thread count is a factor that enhances the quality of the material. Simply the thread count means the number of threads that available per square inch of a material. Basically, it is said that if the thread count is higher, the comfort and the softness is high. But it depends on the cotton material that you choose. If the thread count, as well as the quality is high, that material is much smoother than other general materials. But thread count is not only the fact which enhances the smoothness of the bed sheets.

But the Egyptian sheets are known as the best sheets because of the longer use and smoothness. As well as thread count and the luxury of these sheets are higher than other cotton sheets. The thread count of most of the Egyptian sheets are more than 250. This range is between 250 to 1500. As the thread count, the price is also high in these cotton sheets than other cotton sheets. If you wish to buy 1500 thread count sheet set with pillowcases, you will have to pay more than $100. But if you buy these sheets set you really feel it worth for that amount of money. But when buying be careful to select original Egyptian sheets with original quality.

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