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Learn Differences Between Egyptian Cotton and Sateen

Selecting a good bed sheet for your bed is not easy as you think. Mainly you should consider the comfort, durability as well as the quality. As well as when you selecting a bed sheet material is the most important factor you should consider with the above-mentioned facts. When considering material, Egyptian cotton is the best than other materials.

Like Egyptian cotton sateen is another material which has luxurious look. Now let us see what are the differences between Egyptian cotton and Sateen.

Egyptian Cotton

Though this is called as Egyptian cotton, original country of the plant “Gossypium Barbadense” is not Egypt. Gossypium Barbadense is a plant which native to America. But this plant suits the weather conditions of Egypt and this was introduced by the Egypt ruler Mohammed Ali Pasha in the 19th century. Egyptian cotton is longer than other cotton materials. Because of the long and the stability of the fiber Egyptian cotton is soft as well as has high durability. As well as products with original Egyptian cotton are more expensive than other cotton products.
When considering benefits, sheets which are designed from Egyptian cotton do not pill or more lint. So, that they have high durability and comfort. As well as Egyptian cotton is non-allergenic material when compare to others.


Sateen is another luxury as well as shining material that available in the market. Sateen sheets are woven from long cotton fibers which are mercerized. That means this sateen material are subjected to a special process. So, this is the reason for glittering, durable as well as vigor. The specific difference of sateen is the shine. But other qualities of sateen are same like cotton.
Other special features of these sheets are dust resistance as well as mildew resistance. That is because of the mercerized process of these sheets. Also, these sateen sheets are breathable and non-allergenic like Egyptian cotton. But a disadvantage of this is they tend to pill and wrinkle.

Common features of Sateen and Egyptian Cotton

• Long fibers
• Soft as well as high durability
• Affordable to any weather condition (whether it is cold or warm)
• Non-allergenic
• Higher thread count


Egyptian Cotton

• do not pill or wrinkle
• Natural (not mercerized)
• No shine
• Expensive


• Pill or wrinkling
• Mercerized
• Lustrous
• dust resistance and mildew resistance

Note: when purchasing these sheets do not cheat to frauds. And always consider about the brand and the manufacturer.

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