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How to Wash Cotton Bed Sheets

If you are using cotton bed sheets for your bedding, of course, that is a good choice. Because of the utmost comfort as well as the durability, cotton sheets are the best materials for your bed. But most of you probably do mistakes when cleaning them. The result of that is the durability is less. So, to maintain the durability and the quality at best, you must follow a proper way to wash your bed sheet. Now let us see how to wash cotton sheets for longer use.

Read the instruction given in the label

Before washing your bed sheets, carefully read the instruction in the label. Most of the cotton sheets display the cleaning instructions and other important information of the material. So, following these instructions will help to enhance the comfort as well as durability of the sheets.

Wash sheets at least once a week

As the clothes, you should clean your sheets to avoid dust and mites. Because all of us spend the time in the bed at least 8 hours per day. So, if it is possible, wash them twice a week.

Separate dark color sheets

If you have bed sheets in both light and dark colors, do not mix them when washing. Because some dark colors may dissolve and bleed on to lighter color sheets. So, when colors mix up together, you cannot use the sheets anymore. So, always remember to separate and wash them.


if possible always dry under natural sunlight. Because sunlight is a natural disinfectant. But if it is impossible tumble dry on low setting.

Iron after every wash

Most of you might iron your bed sheets to avoid wrinkles. But ironing helps you to avoid dust as well as mites on the sheets.

Use a mild detergent

When washing cotton sheets, it is important to use a mild detergent. Otherwise, the sheets may tear off or damage due to strong bleaching or detergents. If it is possible, use a liquid detergent to enhance the softness.

Remove stains

If there any stains in bed sheets, remove them before washing. But do not use strong bleaching agents anytime.

Select correct washing setting

If you are washing the bed sheet using a washing machine, use correct machine settings. In most of the bed sheet labels, instructions have displayed.

If you follow above instruction to clean your bed sheets, you can have fresh look sheets for a long-term use.

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